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Atmakur is the Mandal and Taluka head quarters. It has about 1000 years of rich heritage and culture. There are several places of historical importance in and around the town. During the 16th century, it was under the rule of Vijayanagara Empire. Since then, it has been under the rule of different Kings and Kingdoms. Sri Krishna Devaraya of Vijayanagara Empire was one among the prominent emperors who ruled this area. Several Temples and Water Ponds were constructed under his rule. Many of them are ruined but the remains are still visible. Alaganatha Sawami Devasthanam which was constructed during Chola Kings' regime and later remodeled and developed by Timmarasu, Prime Minister of Sri Krishnadeva Raya, is under doomed state. The Atmakur Water Pond (Atmakur pond) is still the main source for agriculture. Besides these, there are a number of templesmosques and central church. Though there are different people from different religions and castes, they are living together with fraternity and we can find a good example of 'unity in diversity'.
Sri Abhinava Ranganatha Parakala Swami (1884–1966), renowned philosopher of Vedanta and scholar of Sanskrit, head of the Mysore Parakala Matha for 41 years. He was known earlier as Atmakur Rangacharya.
Ganga China Kondaiah, freedom fighter and communist party leader, first MLA of Atmakur in Madras and Andhra joint state.
Motapothula Sankar Reddy, freedom fighter and communist party leader served as a President Atmakur Grama Panchayat for 22 years. He was the founder and president of Cooperative Marketing society, Coperative Urban bank and Cooperative house building society. He also established Land Mortagage Bank (LMB), Leather society, Fisherman society and Labor Contract society etc.
Atmakur Venkat Subbaiah Naidu served as a Head Village Administrative Officer for 25 years.
Induru Yanadi Reddy served as a President, Atmakur Grama Panchayathi for 15 Years.
Mr.Gundala Hanuman Reddy 's 7 Years served as president of Atmakur panchayathi.
Mrs.Allareddy Anasuyamma , 5 years served as president of Atmakur Panchayat
Now Atmakur M.L.A is Anam Rama Narayana Reddy of Congress.
Sri.A.N.SRINIVASAN, Inventor of modified cool Helmet and awarded PATENT for the product.

[edit]Near By tourist spots

  • Somasila Dam on Pennar river:
This place is just 40 KMs from Atmakur, and there will be fequent APSRTC bus services for every 30 mins (Peak hours) and for every 1 hour (Non-peak hours).
  • Rahamatabad Darga:
This famous darga of Khawja Nayab Rasool, visited by lakhs of people. From Atmakur, this Darga is just 12 KMs. and there will be fequent APSRTC bus services for every 30 mins (Peak hours) and for every 1 hour (Non-peak hours). Share Autos and taxis can be hired. Every year Anniversary (Uroos / Gandham) is celebrated, piligrims are expected from various states India and from Pakistan & Bangladesh also.
  • Anantha Sagaram Pond: This the biggest pond in the state, and is one of the major water source for cultivation for the near by villages.


There are a number of schools and colleges in Atmakur. Students from the nearby villages come here for their education. There are about 50 Schools(Anganwadi, primary, upperprimary and high schools), 10 Junior Colleges, 3 Degree colleges, 1 B.Ed College, 1 Engineering College in the town and 1 Industrial Training Center.
Famous Colleges In Town:
  • Sri Venkateswara Degree College
  • Govt Junior College.
  • Dr.S R J Degree College
  • Bed College.
  • ATMAKUR Engineering College.
  • Priyadharshini High school and jr collage
  • Dr B.S.R jr collage
  • Sri Raghavendra highschool and jr college
  • Srilekha computer institute and internet

[edit]Assembly constituency

Atmakur is an assembly constituency in Andhra Pradesh. There are 1,58,292 registered voters in Atmakur constituency in 1999 elections.
List of Elected Members:[1]
  • 1952 - Ganga China Kondaiah (Joint state of Andhra and Madras)---------Communist Party
  • 1955 - Bejavada Gopal Reddy (Served as Chief Minister of Andhra State)-Congress
  • 1957 - Anam Sanjeeva Reddy---------------------------------------------Congress
  • 1962 - Anam Sanjeeva Reddy---------------------------------------------Congress
  • 1967 - Pellakur Ramachandra Reddy--------------------------------------Swatantra Party
  • 1972 - Kancharla Sreehari Naidu----------------------------------------Congress
  • 1977 - Dr.Bommireddy sundhara rami reddy-------------------------------Congress
  • 1983 - Anam Venku Reddy------------------------------------------------T.D.P.
  • 1985 - Dr.Bommireddy sundhara rami reddy-------------------------------Congress
  • 1989 - Dr.Bommireddy sundhara rami reddy (Served as Chairman of APSFC)-Congress
  • 1994 - Kommi Lakshmaiah Naidu------------------------------------------T.D.P.
  • 1999 - Bollineni krishnama naidu---------------------------------------Congress
  • 2004 - Kommi Lakshmaiah Naidu------------------------------------------Independent
  • 2009 - Anam RamanarayanaReddy--(Currently serving as Finance Minister)-Congress

[edit]Grama Panchayat Presidents

  • Tallapareddy Narasimha Reddy
  • Vayugulla Chenchu Ramaiah
  • Motapothula Shankar Reddy
  • Gundala Ramana Reddy
  • Induri Yanadi Reddy
  • Pamooru Ramanaiah
  • Gundala Hanuman Reddy
  • Komalagiri Rama
  • Marupaka venkateshwarlu(NSUI) kurella
  • Dr. Bommi Reddy Ravindranath Reddy, President
  • Abdul Razzack, Vice President.

[edit]Mandal Presidents

  • Allareddy Krishna Reddy
  • Dr Bommireddy Raveendhranath Reddy
  • Sesha Reddy (Mahimaluru)
  • veesam venkateshwarlu
  • Allareddy Krishna Reddy
  • Shaik Salaruddin


  • Ramakrishna
  • Srinivasa Mahal
  • Raghavendra (earlier known as Venkateswara Theatre).

Villages in Atmakur

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