Monday 28 November 2011

BGR Energy Systems Limited
A-5, Pannamgadu Industrial Estate
Ramapuram Post

524401 Nellore
  • Tel:+91 44 27948249
  • Fax:+91 44 27948249
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Nature of business

Manufacture and Supply of Systems and Equipments & Turnkey Engineering Projects Contracting.
Power Plant Division:
Independent Power Projects, Engineering, Procurement and Construction of Power Projects
Captive Power Division:
Independent Power Plants- Steel, Cement, Textiles, Paper, Pharmacy, Refinery, Chemical, Petrochemical, Metullurgical Industry.Engineering Procurement and Construction of Power Projects.
Oil & Gas Equipments Division:
Indirect Water Bath Heaters, Knochout Drums/Scrubbers, Gas Conditioning, Regulating & Metering Systems, Filter Seperator/Dry Gas Filter, Pipeline Equipment.
Air Fin Cooler Division:
Process Coolers, Finned Tubes, Raditor & Compressor Coolers and Tube Bundles.
Environment Engineering Division:
Deaetors, Membrance Based Water Treatment & Recyling Plants, Condensate Polishing Unit.
Electrical Project Division:
BOP Works For Hydro Projects, Turnkey Solutions For EHV Substations, EHV Transmission Lines, Plant Electrical, GIS Substations, OPGW < ADSS & OLTE and Rural Electrification & Power Trading.
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