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Ranganadhaswamy Temple Nellore

Talpagiri Ranganatha Swami Temple, NelloreTalpagiri Ranganatha Swami Temple, Nellore
Sri Talapagiri Ranaganatha swamy Temple is located in Nellore city and is about 5kms away from Nellore Bus stand. RanganadaSwamy Temple in Nellore is more than 600years old.  This temple is situated on the banks of the river Pennar and is marked by a huge 29 Mts tall Galigopuram with seven gold kalasams and its architectural splendour. On the east there is seven storied Maha gopuram, south Sri Ranganayaki Lakshmi Devi) temple and beautiful mirror dias, west is sacred Pennar river and north Sri Andal Ammavari temple.
The main Deity, Garbhodakasayi Vishnu reclining on his couch of Ananta Sesa, is ten feet long. Laksmi is sitting on a lotus flower on his chest. Lord Brahma sitting on a lotus rising from the Lord's navel. At the Lord's feet are 26" high deities of Sridevi and Bhudevi. In front of the main Deity are the Utsavamurtis (festival Deities) of Ranganatha Swami. There is also a four-handed seated Deity of Laksmidevi called Ranga-nayaki-devi.

The annual Rath Yathra of the God is a much awaited ritual in Nellore. There are seven kalisams, which brings beauty to the temple. Every year during the month of March-April (varies according to vedic calendar) Brahmotsavam (grand festival) is celebrated.

On the bank of river penna sri kashyapa Maharshi performed yagna and as a fruit of his penance conferred upon him the gift of establishing himself as Ranganadha Swamy here. In 7th cebtury, by Pallava ruler Sri Rajaraja Narendra, subsequently in 13th century Sri Jatha Varma has offered precious stones and metal to Lord Ranganadha Swamy. The Andhra Maha Bharatam i.e. from Viratprvam to the end of the epicwas written by the poet Sri kavi Brahma Tikkana, on the bank of pennar river. 

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