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Chennur is a major village in Gudur mandal in Nellore district in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh.

The mica belt around Chennur is considered the 2nd biggest in the country. The mica deposits are located around chennur of gudur, Rapur and Atmakur mandals of the Nellore district. The muscovite, quartz, feldspar and vermiculite forms of mica are found around this area.

Weaving with hand looms is one of the main occupation of 30 percent of people. Chennur Silk was one of the famous handloom fabric that was manufactured in late 1970s. At present many varieties of saris and other fabrics are weaved. These handloom fabrics are exported to other countries.

Many rice mills are located in Chennur.

The lemon business has become one of the most successful business in Chennur. Lemons are provided to almost all parts of the Country and also exported to other countries.

Chennur is also surrounded by good agricultural fields and with aquaculture (prawn) production for different parts of India as well as export to other countries. Famous political leaders are originated from this place.

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