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Siddala Kona 

SiddalaKona  near Saidapuram is and important Jain Heritage site(rock cut cave site) in present day Nellore district of Andhra Pradesh

SiddalaKona is located near Gudur approximately 17 km to the northwest. Sthalapuranam reveals that here three rishis, Navakoti Siddalaiah, Nevanatha Siddalaiah and Sarangadhara were doing "Thapssu" and settled as statues. Every year on each Monday of Kartheekam (a Telugu month) many people visit this place as a "Thirunalla". The 2nd and 3rd Mondays are very popular. People offer flowers having any desire in their mind will be kept on the crowns of the statues. A priest makes "Sankhanadam" and prays for sanction of "VARAM". How soon the flowers fall will decide the result.

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